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Available in English, Sanskrit and Hindi, the Chinmaya Mission pledge is akin to an oath and is recited on all important occasions of Chinmaya Mission.

Chinmaya Mission Pledge

The Chinmaya Mission pledge is a direct message to devotees from Swami Chinmayananda. In an inspired mood, he spontaneously dictated this pledge at a conference of Chinmaya Mission workers in the summer of 1962 at Ernakulam in Kerala. He said that this pledge would act as a guide to all Mission members and to people in general.

In the ninth chapter of the Bhagavad Geeta, Sri Krishna says,“One who makes an inner resolve and takes a firm decision to follow the path of righteousness should be considered a sadhu”.
A pledge is a 'sankalpa' or a vow. It is a decision that helps to bring about an inner transformation. You become a seeker the moment you take a 'sankalpa' or decision. It is the power of taking such a vow that acts as the catalyst that changes an ordinary man into a historic personality.
The Chinmaya Mission pledge conveys the very essence of the scriptures and in simple words tells us the goal of life and how to live it. Swami Chinmayananda's life message has been summed up in a few simple sentences or aphorisms in the pledge.
The Chinmaya Mission Pledge
We stand as one family, bound to each other with love and respect.
We serve as an army courageous and disciplined, ever ready to fight against all low tendencies and false values, within and without us.
We live honestly the noble life of sacrifice and service, producing more than what we consume, and giving more than what we take.
We seek the Lord’s Grace to keep us on the path of virtue, courage and wisdom. May Thy grace and blessings flow through us to the world around us.
We believe that the service of our country is the service of the Lord of Lords, and devotion to the people is the devotion to the Supreme Self
We know our responsibilities, give us the ability and courage to fulfil them
Om Tat Sat
Our motto is to give the maximum happiness to the maximum number of people for the maximum time.

Registered Charity No : 1077622