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A special message on Chinmaya Aradhana Day 2017


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Dear All,

Hari Om!

Salutations on Chinmaya Aradhana Day, the most sacred day for sadhana!

Indeed we are blessed today to receive tips on sadhana directly from Pujya Gurudev!



On this day, take up the sankalpa and learn and reflect on Pujya Gurudev’s 108 names as guided by Pujya Swami Swaroopanandaji’s talks in He Did It! And So Can You and dedicate our lives to the One who is teertha swaroopaaya namah!


May we always remain connected to Pujya Gurudev through our sadhana and through that, ever experience His divine support and boundless grace and blessings.

Gurudeva Tava Mahaneeya Krupa…

In His Service

Manisha Khemlani

Chief Executive Officer


Our motto is to give the maximum happiness to the maximum number of people for the maximum time.

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