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GCSE Hinduism classes 2016-2017


Chinmaya Mission UK offers GCSE Hinduism classes for Junior CHYKs (13 to 17 year olds). The objective of these interactive classes is to prepare our students to gain a cohesive understanding of Hinduism within the context of the UK based EDEXEL GCSE syllabus, perform well in the GCSE exams, and enhance their experience of the Chinmaya Mission BalVihar and Junior CHYK study programme.

The GCSE programme is only open to students in year 10 who regularly attend Junior CHYK classes.

Why take up this course ?

An interactive and fun filled approach towards learning the age old traditions and values of Hinduism, creating an ideal environment for young budding individuals to question and enquire as to how and why an individual can  lead a Hindu way of life. The course is structured to give a practical application of the philosophy of Hinduism on a day to day basis. At the same time it provides access to resources and exam questions enabling the student to practice GCSE exam techniques.

Information about the course: 

Module M gives a detailed introduction to the beliefs and values, community and tradition, worship and celebration of the Hindu way of life (Sanatana Dharma).

Through Module F  the student gets an opportunity to explore the relationship between Hinduism and life. It covers practical day to day topics like life and death, marriage and family, religion and community cohesion. It is taught in an experiential way using contemporary media contextualised to living in the UK.

The  exam  board is EDEXEL, with the two units each examined in May and June respectively. It is mandatory that all the GCSE course students attend regular Junior CHYK classes.

Benefits of the course: An academically driven structure helps to encapsulate all the existing knowledge and  build a strong foundation to have a very open minded approach towards the ethos of Hinduism. Most of the students get an A*. Taking the Hinduism GCSE exam at the end of year 10 provides a good foundation  for students in their  GCSE exams in year 11.

These are the dates for the Hinduism GCSE course:

25 September 2016, 1.30pm to 4.30pm: Sevak Training workshop. This is open to all adults.

5RS013- Module M classes:

9 October 2016, 13 November 2016, 4 December 2016, 15 January 2017, 12 February 2017, 12 March 2017
4 June 2017: Crash course (Mock exam and Revision)

5RS06 -Module F classes:

16 October 2016, 27 November 2016, 11 December 2016, 29 January 2017, 26 February 2017, 26 March 2017
9 April 2017: Crash course (Mock exam and revision)

Regular class timing is 1.30pm to 4.30pm.

Venue: Chinmaya Kirti, 2 Egerton Gardens, Hendon NW4 4BA

Course Fee: £160 per module
Crash course timing: Will be informed nearer the time
Study Materials: Will be provided

Please feel free to contact Gauri on or 07595586990 for further information .

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