The London Marathon is a challenging and gruesome 26.2-mile run that pushes runners beyond perceived physical and mental limits. Chinmaya Mission UK has places available each year for inspired runners aspiring to represent our cause.

Om Dhumatkar, Raj Iyer, Bindni Karia and Vikram Makkar represented Chinmaya Mission UK in the 2018 London Marathon! Read more by clicking here.


On Sunday 2 August 2015, Shreyas Iyer completed the Prudential Ride event, which is a 100 km cycle ride through Surrey and into London.  Click here to find out more about Shreyas’s bike ride experience.

2015 was the first time Chinmaya Mission UK was represented in the Prudential Ride. If you are a keen cyclist and would like to get involved in something similar, please email


In Hindu culture, the cow is worshipped as Goddess Lakshmi – the bestower of prosperity, so ‘Gau Mata’ (mother cow) is the divine mother who feeds and nourishes. To feed and care for a cow is considered a great virtue (punya karma). Did you know you can make an offering to a Gaushala (cow shelter) run by the Chinmaya Gardens Ashram in Coimbatore, India? Please email to find out more and make a donation.


Did you know you can sponsor a village child living in poverty to study at a Chinmaya Vidyalaya (school) in India? You can also help buy vital equipment to help sustain many of Chinmaya Mission’s schools. There are more than 80 Chinmaya Mission schools across the subcontinent, empowering the lives of thousands of children by grounding them in an academic education with a spiritual vision.

To find out more about how you can support Chinmaya Mission’s wide-reaching education initiatives, please email the CCMT Education Cell (


Many companies and corporations are willing to match their staff donations at no extra cost to the individual staff member. Before starting your fundraising event, do find out from your company if they offer this programme, which can significantly increase your fundraising efforts.


Do you shop online? Perfect! As you shop online you can simultaneously raise money for Chinmaya Mission UK without any additional cost to you.

For every purchase or search that you make on Everyclick, an average of 2-7% of your spending gets donated to Chinmaya Mission UK. All you need to do is register your details with Everyclick and then “click” away.


Beyond our annual centrally organised fundraising activity, there are plenty of things that you can do to help support Chinmaya Mission UK.

Simply think of an activity and raise money for it… it’s that simple. For example, if you are scared of heights then why not overcome this fear and raise money at the same time by doing a sky dive or a bungee jump. If that does not interest you, why not do a day of ‘mauna’ by doing a sponsored silence, or organise a bake-sale?

You can be as creative as you like and with an uninhibited imagination anything can be turned into a fundraising opportunity. However, we do kindly request that before you get started on any fundraising activity, please contact so we can provide you with some essential background and guidance.


‘Service to society for peace and harmony within and without’ – ways to serve with Chinmaya Mission UK

From hosting Swami Chinmayananda’s first ever ‘International Spiritual Camp’ in 1986, Chinmaya Mission in the UK has evolved from a mere handful of devotees to become a well-established global centre of Chinmaya Mission, organising spiritual discourses attended by more than a thousand people.

All major events (Gyana Yagnas), activities and classes are organised and run by dedicated sadhaks (spiritual aspirants) acting as sevaks (volunteers), and it is them along with the many class attendees who benefit from Swami Chinmayananda’s teachings and methodology that support the day-to-day running of Chinmaya Mission UK. Occasionally, Chinmaya Mission UK also engages in community seva (service).

Service or seva is typically considered as an action to help others. However, it also encompasses a wider definition to include cultivating an attitude of the mind that uplifts and enables the individual to connect with society and the universal principle of Truth.

Chinmaya Mission sevaks (volunteers) strive to serve in a spirit of selfless action, dedicating their work to the Highest altar of Truth without any ulterior motives or expectation of personal gain, likes, prejudices and for the cooperative benefit of all.

Chinmaya Mission provides a field where such an attitude can be fostered, nurtured and cultivated to build for oneself a noble character and an integrated personality that is not only caring and sensitive to the needs of others but one that benefits the individual in every sphere of their lives.


There are a range of ways you can serve and support the noble work of Chinmaya Mission UK, these include:

  •  Volunteer for a role at one-off events, e.g. – annual Gyana Yagnas (spiritual discourses), or festivals including Hanuman Jayanti, Mahashivratri etc.
  • Volunteer in our growing bookshop at our UK spiritual centre, Chinmaya Kirti in Hendon & with the online bookshop and publications stock.
  • Volunteer to help clean and maintain our centre, Chinmaya Kirti in Hendon.