27th December 2013

Witness the ego

You and I maintaining contact with the prapancha refer to ourselves as aham. This I is the limited jeeva who is confined by the limitations and […]
27th December 2013

Shrutam me Gopaaya

These are the words of the Rishis. This is how the Rishis of the Upanishads prayed to the Lord – “O Lord, bless us so that […]
27th December 2013

A Dot of Thought

I felt and thought a lot and knowing mattered a lot. So I continued to feel and think a lot. Subjects varied, what not. Till I […]
27th December 2013


Meditation is prescribed as a balm to remove all the stress and strain of life. It is in fashion these days and every other person claims […]
27th December 2013

Brahman and Maya

Scene 1 In an extremely wondrous garden roses of different hues are swaying in ecstacy. The light of the early dawn has speckled them with its […]
27th December 2013

Peace of mind

The Nature of Desire Once a desire arises, we cannot forget it. There is complete insistence that things must happen the way we want. As long […]