Online Beginner Sanskrit for Children

Chinmaya Mission UK is pleased to offer online Sanskrit classes for children

Intermediate level classes are held on Sundays at 4:30pm (UK time) via Zoom for 30 minutes.

Beginner level classes are held on Wednesday at 07:00pm (UK time) via Zoom for 30 minutes.

Term dates
Autumn Term – 8th/12th September to 8th/12th December, 2021
Spring Term – 5th/9th January to to 6th/10th April 2022
Summer Term – 4th/8th May to 13th/17th July 2022

Why learn Sanskrit Language?
This divine language is a key to enhancing our memory and thinking. They have been various studies done to show an increase in size of our brain regions related to cognitive functions. For more information, visit https://upliftconnect.com/neur…

Sanskrit also helps us learn our daily prayers and bhajans with ease and aids in understanding the meaning of the prayer when one progresses to advanced classes.

What is covered in this class?

Beginners Class – Alphabets,  Vowels, Consonants and the ability to learn, recognise, pronounce, and write small words and trans-literate them to English (Book 1 of the Sanskrit 4-set workbooks)

Intermediate Class – from book 2 onwards of the Sanskrit 4-set workbooks

Do I need any extra books or resources?
Yes, please buy Sanskrit 4-set workbooks . This will aid in learning to write fluently

Are these classes open for adults?

The classes are mainly targeted at children and youth. Adults are welcome to attend with your children. We offer Sanskrit classes for adults – visit https://www.chinmayauk.org/classes-general/

What if my child already knows some Sanskrit?

You are welcome to try other advanced Sanskrit classes – visit https://www.chinmayauk.org/classes-general/

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Sunday, February 28, 2021 @ 16:30
4:30 pm — 5:00 pm (30′)


Mythili Vatsa

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