Online Chanting for Children

Every Friday (aligned with school term)
Time: 6:30 pm – 7pm
Class Start date: 26 February 2021

2021-21 School Term:
• Spring Term – 26 February to 26 March
• Summer Term – 23 April to weekend 16 July

Guru Dakshina: £25 per child per term. Since we are staring this class mid-term kindly donate as per your interest

What chanting is taught in these classes?
The chanting consists of prayers, both shlokas and stotrams, from My Prayers and other books. Students are taught how to chant with good pronunciation and diction, and memorise them too. If you would like to know the specific shlokas being taught, please write to chanting@chinmayauk.org.

How is this different to the chanting conducted in Bala Vihar classes?
All Bala Vihar classes teach chanting. These classes cover additional shlokas and, over time, the pace will be faster than the Bala Vihar classes.

Do we need to know Sanskrit?
Knowledge of Sanskrit is helpful but not necessary. Chinmaya Mission UK also offer Sanskrit classes for children and adults. Visit https://www.chinmayauk.org/class/online-beginner-sanskrit-children-class/

Do I need any extra books or resources?
We will provide soft copies and audio files for all shlokas covered in the class. In addition, you can purchase the My Prayers book.

Are these classes open for adults?
The classes are mainly targeted at children and youth. Adults are welcome to attend with your children. We offer chanting classes for adults – visit https://www.chinmayauk.org/classes-general/

What if my child already knows some of the shlokas?
The initial few classes will be common. Over time, we will group children based on their level of practice and proficiency

Why chant?

  • Develops pure samskaras in the form of purification of mind – chitta shuddhi
  • Produces vibrations that produce a positive impact on the individual and the family
  • Provides us exposure to the sounds in our scriptures
  • Develops in us the ability to produce these sounds
  • Could inspire in us the desire to explore the meaning of the teachings in our scriptures
  • Could give us a sense of cultural identity, both as individuals and as part of a larger group
  • Enables us to develop our memorization skills and develop and use our memory bank
  • Equips us with tools that may be used in meditation, like the ability to sit erect with minimal extraneous physical movements, the ability to collect our thoughts and keep them in tune with our verbal and auditory actions, the ability to focus our minds on one sequence of thought or one thought
  • Provides us exposure to the Sanskrit language (Sanskrit can be hyperlinked to the new page)
  • Gives us an opportunity to make lateral linguistic connections with our mother tongue language and other Indo-European languages
  • Develops in us subtle listening skills, the ability to hear light and heavy guttural, palatal, lingual, dental and labial sounds
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Friday, February 26, 2021 @ 18:30
6:30 pm — 7:00 pm (30′)


Krishnan Rajaram

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