Shishu Vihar sevak training with Swamini Supriyananda at Chinmaya Vibhooti in July 2017


Read more about this opportunity...

Read more about this opportunity...
ॐ Acharyas and Centres of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide Dear All, Hari Om! "Children are not vessels to be filled, but lamps to be lit" - Swami Chinmayananda Pujya Gurudev's love for children knew no bounds and we are delighted to be able to enliven our Master's sentiments through our newest wing of Chinmaya Mission, Shishu Vihar.
What is Shishu Vihar?
Indian tradition understands the significance of sowing seeds early; in terms of character formation, even as early as the pre-natal stage. Thus Chinmaya Mission has unveiled a new wing consisting of cultural and spiritual classes for children under the age of 5 years. Shishu Vihar introduces infants and toddlers to basic concepts that enable spiritual development through cultural education. Classes follow the structure of a modern playgroup where the little participants, under the watchful eye of their respective mothers or guardians, imbibe specific values through songs, stories, and arts and crafts, in a manner appropriate to their age and aptitude.  Various props involving an array of colours, shapes and forms are used to relay the information to the children.  Classes are held once a week, for an hour and the syllabus is centralised. Ultimately, parent and child bond, learn and grow together. The accompanying mothers or guardians then take the rhymes and stories home and assist with impressing them more firmly on the child's tender and malleable minds.  This process generally also sees the same values evoked or reinforced in the entire household. Once the child turns 5 years, they graduate to the Mission’s Bala Vihar programme, which continues to nurture the seeds of spirituality already implanted in them. Shishu Vihar classes have been running successfully in America, Australia, Southeast Asia since 2011 and in India since 2014. The plan is now to encourage guidance in centres throughout India, thereby helping to promote all-round development of children from infancy itself. Further information about Shishu Vihar can be found on the Chinmaya Mission website www.chinmayamission.com and the Chinmaya Kids website www.chinmayakids.org
Shishu Vihar Sevak Training workshop and camp in the presence of Swamini Supriyananda
We are pleased to announce that a Shishu Vihar Sevak Training workshop and camp in the presence of Swamini Supriyananda from Chinmaya Mission Hong Kong will be held at Chinmaya Vibhooti in July 2017. Swamini Supriyananda is the author of the popular Bala Katha series. This is the first time that a Shishu Vihar programme is being organised on such a scale. Shortly, the organisers of the workshop and the camp will be in touch with Acharyas and Centres to provide further information. We request all Acharyas and Centres to circulate the information with their members in order for our newest wing to grow and benefit young minds and their parents. With Prem & OM! In His Service, (Manisha Khemlani) Chief Executive Officer