‘The Holy Geeta’ book and ebook

As you know, in December 2020 we had a global online programme Tapo Geeta Jayanti Fest on Chinmaya Channel (YouTube), during which it was announced that ‘The Holy Geeta’ commentary would be available free (against donations) in the year 2021, the 70th year of the Chinmaya Movement.

All Centres and members were encouraged to introduce seekers across the world to the life-changing commentary by Pujya Gurudev, and many have made great efforts to reach the book to maximum people, in spite of the difficult Covid situation prevailing. From December 2020 to date, approximately 30,000 physical books of ‘The Holy Geeta’ have been dispatched and approximately 45,000 ebooks have been downloaded.

We are now at the end of the planned period. Hence, with effect from 15 January 2022, ‘The Holy Geeta’ books and all Geeta titles of Chinmaya Mission will be available for purchase via order from CCMT, with the usual discounts applicable for Centres to sell them in person or via e-shops.

‘The Holy Geeta’ ebook will continue to be free on Kindle, Google Books and Apple Books.

The Geeta Doota Yajna, which was launched in January 2021, will continue and Geeta Dootas should keep up the work of promoting the sales, distribution and downloads of ‘The Holy Geeta’. The book can continue to be widely given out, under sponsored distribution.

As we move towards the 75th year of the Chinmaya Movement in 2026, let us pledge to continue to share the teachings of ‘The Holy Geeta’ through every possible means to the maximum number for the maximum time.