Madhu Madhusudhan

26th September 2021

Take Home Messages from Shrimad Bhagavata

svādu svādu pade pade…..at every step a tasty treat” Join this early morning class for an opportunity to explore and contemplate on these beautiful verses lovingly […]
21st March 2020

Daily Online Chanting

As fear of the spread of Coronavirus predominates conversations and headlines and as we face isolation in our homes, please join us for a daily online chanting session to bring in positivity into our lives, to protect our near and dear ones and for the welfare of the world.
27th December 2013

Swaranjali In-person class

Swaranjali In-person class Weekly devotional singing class. All are welcome. No previous training required. Recommended Text Chinmaya Gitanjali (Bhajan/Hymns Book) DAY & TIME Monday, 19:30 – […]