CHYK (18-35 years)

29th October 2021

Śrī Rāmacaritamānasa

Knowledge, devotion and poetry – all come together in Goswami Tulasidasa ji’s beautiful, timeless re-telling of the Ramayana. All are welcome to join this bi-weekly satsang, […]
3rd April 2021

Self Unfoldment

Self Unfoldment is a brilliant text introducing the foundational pillars of leading a life well lived according to the Advaita Vedanta tradition. It’s opening line is; […]
23rd January 2021

Self-Unfoldment (CHYK)

Join this weekly discussion group where we will be studying the introductory text to Vedanta, Self-Unfoldment. In precise, simple and profound language, Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda […]
27th October 2020

Stotram Chanting

Learn devotional compositions addressed to different deities and be uplifted in devotion. If you wish to join this class, please register here. Please join 10 minutes […]
27th October 2020

Vedic Chanting

Learn the ancient art of Vedic chanting including pronunciation and intonation. Please note that the registrations for Vedic Chanting classes have now closed. 
2nd December 2019

Bhagavad Geeta Class

Join this weekly class for an in-depth study of the entire Bhagavad Gita for 20 months. It will be based on the Master Geeta Master Life video programme currently being run by Swami Advayananda from Chinmaya International Foundation
6th October 2019

We Must – Notes on Self-Improvement

Our new beginners CHYK class for 18-35 year olds commences this coming Weds 9th October! The classes are centred around a text written by Swami Chinmayananda: Self Unfoldment - this is a step-by-step analysis of the thought development of Vedanta.
30th June 2019

Art of Man Making (CHYK)

Adhyatma Lakshana (essence of spirituality) is a composition of 10 verses by Swami Tejomayanandaji which distinguishes between materialism and spirituality and explains the various stages of spiritual progress. Join this online class to understand how to live a spiritual life and uplift yourself to the heights of spiritual attainment.
30th January 2019

The Art of Man Making – CHYK (18-35 years), CSK (28-45 years)

Join this weekly discussion group on Vedanta for senior CHYKs and Setu Karis. A collection of letters from Swami Chinmayananda, seated in the Uttarkashi ashram on the […]