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Advaita Vedanta Immersive with Swami Advayananda


Read more about this course in December 2017...

Hari Om Blessed Self!

The last week of December this year, CIF will reverberate with the knowledge of  Advaita-vedānta on Śrī Ādi Śaṅkarācārya’s Adhyāsa-bhāṣya, which is the preamable to the Brahmasūtras of Śrī Veda Vyāsa.

Swami Advayananda, Acharya CIF will be the main Acharya, assisted by Acharya Rahul Maini, Acharya, Chinmaya Somnath, North Virginia.

With lectures and discussions on the text, the divine and serene campus of the birth home of Adi Sankara will also provide good time to reflect and internalise the knowledge.

Let the new year set in with deep dive in the ocean of knowledge!

Do not miss this opportunity and also please share the information about this camp with all your fellow seekers and friends.

Visit to register online.

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