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Senior citizens

Chinmaya Vanaprastha Sansthan (CVS) promotes graceful ageing through spiritual living for Seniors ( and including over 55’s). Following a concept Chinmaya Mission initiated in India, CVS in the UK exists to supports individuals of mature age to transition from the primary concerns of a householder through weekly classes, talks and workshops. The activities place emphasis on withdrawing from the stress and pressure of a materialistic lifestyle to spending more time in contemplation and service, seeking and finding inner peace.

There is no age restriction but most attendees are aged 55 years and above. CVS Activities usually held at Chinmaya Kirti Hendon are being conducted on line ( for approximately the next year until Spring 2022 ) because of the pandemic and rebuilding works. The Weekly classes, talks, and workshops cover a wide range of topics from scriptural texts, yoga, meditation and occasional talks or general guidance on health and well being and topics of relevance to Senior Citizens. Specific tailored advice is not given which is better dealt with by a practitioner e.g. GP or financial advisor.

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