"Our motto is to give the maximum happiness to the maximum number of people for the maximum time"

“What you sow, you reap.” In 2020, Chinmaya Mission UK’s trustees took a decision for the benefit of our future generations. The full renovation of Chinmaya Kirti, our centre in Hendon, London, to provide a centre that meets the needs for this and the next generation. For more details on the Renovation Project, please click here.

The Bhagavad Gita Online course aims to offer to all sincere seekers, knowledge of this eternal, timeless manual of life with emphasis on practical application. The aim is to give a deep insight into each chapter as it charts an individual’s journey of life with its various trials and tribulations, to his ultimate goal of life.

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Chinmaya Academy


Virtual Global CHYK and Setukari Camp 2021

Saturday, December 11 @ 6:30 am - Sunday, December 12 @ 11:30 am
We are very eager and excited to announce that this year’s (online) annual Global CHYK and Set...

Geeta and Tapovan Jayanti 2021

Sunday, December 12 @ 9:30 am - 1:00 pm
Join us for Geeta Jayanti and Tapovan Jayanti 2021 Celebrations. Geeta Jayanti is an annual celebrat...


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Who We Are

Chinmaya Mission exists to provide individuals from any background, the universal wisdom of Vedanta and the practical means for personal growth and development, enabling them to become positive contributors to society.

“As my mind so the world.” – Swami Chinmayananda



Chinmaya Kirti