Junior CHYK (13-17 years)

Classes for teens

Junior CHYK weekly classes provide an opportunity for teenagers to explore issues that affect their everyday lives with experienced co-ordinators based on the timeless values contained within Indian philosophy. They also meet with other youth groups, enjoy cultural celebrations and participate in community work.

Exposure to values from the Scriptures equip teenagers not only to face life, but to tap into their inner, infinite potential to become dynamic young men and women of integrity.

Become a Junior CHYK teacher

Sevaks/sevikas (teachers and administrators) learn the art of living in a loving, nurturing environment of discipline, where their personalities spontaneously blossom on physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual levels. Through absorbing the stories, games and songs, Sevaks and Sevikas are given the opportunity to grow themselves. If you are interested in becoming a Junior CHYK teacher please email bv@chinmayauk.org.

Chinmaya Udghosh

Subscribe to Chinmaya Udghosh, a magazine for young hearts (13-25 years), empowering them towards dynamism and excellence in expression through thought provoking articles, cartoons etc: http://www.chinmayamission.com/magazine-chinmayaudghosh.php

Contact us for more information about Junior CHYK in the UK including regular class information, term dates, fees and upcoming camps and activities.


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