Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

Perform 40 practices; discover perfection

What is this?
A 40-week sadhana programme based on ‘Sadhana Panchakam’ of Adi Shankaracharya.

How is this done?
Each week a specific practice will be given along with guidelines on how to make that practice a part of your daily routine. The programme is designed to allow seekers to dedicate a manageable amount of time to sadhana during busy schedules.

Any study of scripture is incomplete without an effort to assimilate knowledge and make way for it in our life. Daily practices help us evolve by giving us a chance to live what we learn on a day-to-day basis. The strength we gain from such practice sustains us and allows us to face life cheerfully.

Our Guru has no expectations of students, but shares this wisdom out of compassion for us all. The greatest offering that we can make to them is to understand the teachings of the scriptures for ourselves, and to live the truths that we discover in our own lives.

When is this?
Chinmaya Aradhana Day (Monday 3rd August 2020) to Chinmaya Seva Day ( Saturday 8th May 2021)

Where can I practice?
You choose!

Register free for the Practice makes Perfect Sadhana Programme at:

Brahmacharini Shripriya Chaitanya (shripriyachaitanya@chinmayauk.org ) will be available to respond to queries throughout the programme.