Bhagavad Gita Online (Home Study) Course

The Bhagavad Gita Online (Home study) course aims to offer to all sincere seekers, knowledge of this eternal, timeless manual of life with emphasis on practical application. The aim is to give a deep insight into each chapter as it charts an individual’s journey of life with its various trials and tribulations, to his ultimate goal of life. This course provides a thematic study of the Bhagavad Gita, providing a thorough grounding for a subsequent more detailed study of the text.

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Question Answer
When can I register for the course? From 17 May 2021.
When does the course start? From 1 June 2021
Who will lead the course? Dr Smita Samani will lead this course
Does this course have any lectures? This is a web based online course with fortnightly group plenary sessions with a tutor via Zoom. There is also a discussion forum for students to exchange their ideas.  Students will be able to access the course material 24/7.
How long is the course? 18 months
How much is it to enrol for the course £225 for the whole course
Do we need knowledge of Sanskrit to do the course? No, there is no need to have knowledge of Sanskrit to do this course
Will you go through the whole Gita verse by verse? No, the teaching involves going through each chapter in depth, to cover the main themes of the Bhagavad Geeta.
What do we get at the end of the course? Students who successfully complete the course will get a certificate from Chinmaya Academy.
How will success be measured? Are there any examinations at the end? There will be an MCQ questionnaire once a fortnight at the end of every lesson. In addition, there will be 3 mini assessments over 18 months.
What is the role of the course leader/tutor? The regular fortnightly group plenary zoom sessions with the course tutor will give students the opportunity to clear doubts and enhance their learning. She will also be available to answer specific individual queries, if necessary.
Can anyone attend the course? There is no age limit for the course. You need a reasonable grasp of the English language, a passion for learning, and self-motivation reach the goal.
Are there any prior requirements to attend the course? None, apart from a reasonable grasp of the English language, a passion for learning, and self-motivation.
What are the benefits of doing this course? Gaining knowledge of the Bhagavad Geeta will transform the student’s vision to a holistic one, bringing about a change in personal attitude, leading to harmony and balance in the student’s life and those around him.