Help complete the picture: Census Day Sunday 21 March 2021

Taking part in the census is our chance to help make sure our community gets the services we need for the next 10 years and beyond.

Organisations such as local authorities use the census information to plan and fund the services we all need.

It’s important that the census captures accurate information about the population to support our community in terms of:
– funding for community organisations
– planning and approval for places of worship
– provisions for health care.

We bring your attention to four key questions that matter most for our community:

Q.14 National Identity
Tick ✓ British
and Tick ✓ Other and type Indian (if that applies to you)

Q.15 Ethnic Group
Tick ✓ Indian (if that applies to you)

Q.16 Religion
Tick ✓ Hindu (if that applies to you)

Q. 18 Language
Tick ✓ Other and type your mother tongue (e.g. Gujarati, Tamil, Hindi)

Please contact jessica@chinmayauk.org if you would like to request further information.