London Marathon 2021

Mythili Vatsa has taken up a personal challenge by taking on London Marathon this year on 3rd October and raising funds for a cause which is very dear to her. She is been with the mission since the age of 13 and is keen to play a role in raising awareness about Chinmaya Mission.

It has been quite challenging to keep up the training going on from 2019 as I was scheduled to run in 2020. But nevertheless took it as an opportunity to improve my physical and mental health. To keep it going, I signed up LEJOG challenge which is to complete 874 miles in a year. Which I completed successfully.

Climbed the Snowdown once again and because of the training, was up in 3.5hrs compared to last time which was 5hrs. Also did the Canal walk between Sharpness and Gloucester.

This training and journey is incomplete without family and friends. They have been supportive and tagged along for many of the walks.

How amazing it is what one can accomplish when the goal is supreme!

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