New All-Colour ‘Tapovan Prasad’ Magazine

Hari Om!

At ‘Tapovan Prasad’, our constant endeavour is to improve and upgrade the magazine.

We are now delighted to announce the new all-colour ‘Tapovan Prasad’ from the August 2022 issue onwards!  

Since the entire magazine will be in colour, there will be no black and white advertisements. Accordingly, the revised rate for all single-page advertisements is Rs. 5,000 + GST.

We trust that you have been enjoying the magazine and that you will enjoy it even more now! We earnestly request you to publicize the new ‘Tapovan Prasad’ among all Chinmaya Mission office bearers, members and contacts, and help us to reach more and more people so that they may benefit from this priceless prasad of our Param Guru.

The subscription link is:


Thank you for all your support.

With warm regards,

Kumkum Bhatia
Editor, Tapovan Prasad