Photos, video and news from Mahaseva Day 2017


Read about how this special event went...

Read about how this special event went...

On Sunday 30 April 2017, Chinmaya Vidya Nagari (our Oxford retreat centre) hosted another very successful and enjoyable Mahaseva Day.

This special open day is a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together to bond and offer so wholeheartedly, in true seva bhava, whatever they can contribute---from gardening, deep cleaning, repairing, carpentry, wiring, painting, laughing yoga and much more!

Seva is "Love made visible" and it was certainly visible throughout the day this year, with everyone's smiles and selfless attitude!


A heartfelt thank you from the organisers to all attendees for offering so selflessly. Participants came with family and friends for an opportunity to serve, bringing their minds consciously where their hands were working. They served wholeheartedly in a fun, joyful and all inclusive way in the true spirit of seva bhava.

The Cooking seva team once again smilingly nourished the hard-working Chinmaya Mission family throughout the day. Brni Shripriya Chaitanya (Resident Acharya, CMUK) ended the day with an inspiring talk on Seva and her experiences with Swami Tejomayananda. This was followed by beautiful offerings of spontaneous devotional bhajans by the attendees.
The grand finale was the cutting of a beautiful cake for Gurudev Jayanti - a perfect ending to an amazing day.