Junior CHYK class – Beginner level

Weekly value education classes for teenagers (age 13 – 17).

These classes provide spiritual and cultural orientation to teens of the modern age. Classes are conducted by trained volunteers (sevaks) who provide interactive and fun value education classes drawing from timeless Indian Scriptures (Mahabharata, Bhagavatam, Puranas and the Ramayana), Vedic philosophy and other facets of Hindu culture.

The stories, games, celebration of festivals and creative activities enable children to connect with Indian culture in an engaging way. The Sanskrit prayers, bhajans and chanting give them a solid grounding in Hindu culture and the eternal values presented in story form are drawn from the vast gamut of Indian Scripture.

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For any queries, including if you would like to join a free trial class, please contact bv@chinmayauk.org


Address: Chinmaya Mission UK, 2 Egerton Gardens, Hendon, London, NW4 4BA

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 @ 20:00
8:00 pm — 9:00 pm (1h)

Chinmaya Kirti


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