Online chanting classes for children

Chinmaya Mission UK is pleased to offer online chanting classes for children Classes will be held on Fridays at 06:30 pm UK via Zoom.

Term dates are as follows:

Autumn Term – 9th September to 9th December, 2022

Spring Term – 6th January to 24th March 2023

Summer Term – 21st April to 14th July 2023

The chanting consists of prayers, both shlokas and stotrams, from My Prayers and other books. Students will be taught how to chant with good pronunciation and diction, and memorize the shlokas. For details of specific shlokas being taught, please write to chanting@chinmayauk.org

How is this different to the chanting conducted in Bala Vihar classes?

These classes will cover shlokas in addition to what is covered in Bala Vihar and, over time, the pace will be faster than Bala Vihar classes

Do we need to know Sanskrit?

Knowledge of Sanskrit is helpful but not necessary. Chinmaya Mission UK also offer Sanskrit classes for children.

Do I need any extra books or resources?

We will provide soft copies and audio files for all shlokas covered in the class. In addition, you can purchase the My Prayers book

Are these classes open for adults?

The classes are mainly targeted at children and youth. Adults are welcome to attend with your children.

We offer chanting classes for adults – visit https://www.chinmayauk.org/classes-general/

What if my child already knows some of the shlokas?

The initial few classes will be common. Over time, we will group children based on their level of practice and proficiency

Why chant?

Chanting has several benefits.

A few of these are listed below:

  • Develops pure samskaras that help purify the mind and develop love for God
  • Helps cultivate the desire to explore the meaning of the scriptures
  • Gives us a sense of cultural identity
  • Enables us to develop our memorization skills
  • Equips us with the ability to sit erect, collect our thoughts and focus our minds
  • Provides us exposure to the Sanskrit language

Contact – chanting@chinmayauk.org

Registration: £25 per term, £65 per year

Link to registration: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/chinmayamissionuk/747412/#


Friday, March 31, 2023 @ 18:30
6:30 pm — 7:30 pm (1h)


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