UK News

21st July 2014

Central London talks by Global Head Swami Tejomayananda from 5-9 August

Many may believe devotion (Bhakti) to be an absence of logic leading to blind belief that doesn’t sit well in the modern age. But devotion isn’t […]
18th May 2014

Hundreds attend evening talks on ‘Success without Stress’

The Gyana Yagna (offering of knowledge) was held at the Sattavis Centre in Wembley, London, to a daily audience of approximately 800 people, who watched enraptured […]
5th December 2013

Recently launched e-Bhagavad Gita course

The Diwali in London (DIL) Committee represents the collaboration of Hindu and Jain organisations that work in partnership with the office of the Mayor of London […]