Chinmaya Academy has officially launched!

Chinmaya Academy

What is Chinmaya Academy?
Chinmaya Academy is the academic and research arm of Chinmaya Mission UK that is focused on the teaching of and research on Advaita Vedanta.

What are the aims of the Chinmaya Academy:
Vision: A World Centre of Excellence in the learning, teaching and research in Advaita Vedanta

Mission: To provide the resources for international scholars for carrying out research and teaching of Advaita Vedanta
To provide high-quality learning facilities for all to come and learn about the tradition of Advaita Vedanta

Chinmaya Academy aims to be a major international research institution focusing of Advaita Vedanta bringing scholars from all over the world to work together in primary and secondary research and formulating this in publications

Chinmaya Academy aims to be actively engaged in research for the application of Advaita Vedanta to the resolution of problems of individuals, organisations and society at large

Benefits of doing Chinmaya Academy Courses:
– High quality of learning material available online and onsite
– High-level support through the enrolled course from UK based qualified and experienced tutors
– Monthly online or onsite plenary sessions to reflect on the course material and support students to deepen their understanding
– Affordable courses with high-quality material with certification on completion of the course

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