Pujya Guruji’s farewell message to Chinmaya Mission UK


Following Swami Tejomayananda's recent visit to London in August 2016, the following message was received from Pujya Guruji which we share with the entire Chinmaya Mission UK family.

Pujya Guruji's farewell message to Chinmaya Mission UK
"Dear All, Hari Om! Greetings from Mumbai! What a delightful time we had together in London! Thank you all so much for making my visit such a joyful experience. The love that you all shower upon me is truly heartwarming. It was especially wonderful to meet all the little ones; our sweet shishus who will all grow so beautifully together. My thanks also to our Chinmaya family members from different parts of Europe for travelling to London for the occasion. It was great to meet them all. Hearty congratulations to the Yajna co-ordination team for so joyously, lovingly and painstakingly making all the arrangements for a smooth, seamless and successful event! I enjoyed the pre-talk cultural programmes. Thank you. The live webcast of my talks has been appreciated by viewers from around the world. Well done! People have greatly appreciated the Holy Geeta book as Yajna Prasad. Thanks to Suresh & Kanchan. Yes, it is a period of change in different ways now and as Pujya Gurudev always guided, we must "See HIS hand in all change." We will meet in India. With Prem & Om, Tejomayananda"