The Woman Seeker – Book & Talk Series

On this special occasion, we are delighted to announce the global book launch of ‘The Woman Seeker’. A team of Brahmacharinis, sevikas and sevaks from all over the world have come together to work on this book about 18 Devis and their journey to enlightenment.

The Devis featured in this book are from various parts of Bharat, different time periods and all walks of life – from the Vedic rishikas to wandering ascetics, from visionary composers to dharmic householders, from ardent devotees to sublime renunciates.

‘The Woman Seeker’ book is available here: https://www.chinmayabooks.com/shop/the-woman-seeker-available-4-nov/

A series of talks on Woman Seekers by Swamins, Brahmacharins and Sevaks of Chinmaya Mission were given as part of the launch. They are available here: www.youtube.com/chinmayachannel