Brni Shripriya Chaitanya

16th May 2021

Sanskrit for Beginners

This class will offer an introduction to Sanskrit grammar, drawing on the teachings of Mahaṛṣi Pāṇini. Open to beginners who have a basic grasp of the […]
16th November 2020

Bhaktacarita – the Lives of Saints

Listen to the stories of great saints and devotees; explore their compositions and devotional literature; be uplifted to supreme love. Beginning our journey in Gujarat, we […]
16th November 2020

Śrī Rāmacaritamānasa

Knowledge, devotion and poetry – all come together in Goswami Tulasidasa ji’s beautiful, timeless re-telling of the Ramayana. All are welcome to join this weekly class. […]
27th October 2020

Stotram Chanting

Learn devotional compositions addressed to different deities and be uplifted in devotion. If you wish to join this class, please register here. Please join 10 minutes […]
27th October 2020

Vedic Chanting

Learn the ancient art of Vedic chanting including pronunciation and intonation. Please note that the registrations for Vedic Chanting classes have now closed. 
10th September 2019


Self Unfoldement unfolds the fundamentals of Vedanta and how to tap the immense potential power of our inner resources and thereby transform our live.
29th July 2019

The Essence of the Gita

Learn about the timeless wisdom, of the Bhagavad Gita in simple bite-sized chunks, in these monthly sessions. Come and explore this knowledge to discuss our purpose and a life of happiness, success and peace, which truly is our birth right. 
10th June 2019

Īśāvāsya Upaṇiṣad

*This class is currently online and the timing may have changed. Please check our full schedule of online classes for further details.* Join this weekly class with a […]
30th January 2019

I Love You Letters – Chinmaya Setukari (28-45 years), CHYK (18-35 years)

*This class is currently online, please visit our online class schedule for further details* Join this weekly discussion group on Vedanta for senior CHYKs and Setu Karis. […]