24th January 2023

Manah Shodhanam

The problem of mind control is as old as the hills. The mind never tires of playing tricks and there is no way to peace unless […]
8th January 2023

Tips for happy Living by Swami Tejomayananda

Many in this world are merely ‘existing’, some ‘surviving’, a few really ‘living’, a rare few ‘living happily’ and the rarest, ‘outliving life’ itself. ‘Tips for […]
31st December 2022


Vedanta is the science of life. To understand this subtle science, knowledge of certain terms and concepts is mandatory. Atmabodha is a prakarana-grantha or introductory book […]
18th December 2022

Your Yoga Journey

Join our beginners yoga classes and embark on your mind-body-spirit journey with our block of 4 classes. Each week commit to a physical āsana practice that […]
10th December 2022


This class covers Adi Sankaracarya’s text Tattvabodha. This text introduces students to the basic principles Vedanta. In this class we cover this text verse by verse […]
10th December 2022

Self Unfoldment

“Self-Unfoldment is a succinct yet comprehensive introductory manual of The philosophy of Vedanta.  Self-Unfoldment has been inspiring spiritual study and personal development globally since it was […]
26th November 2022

Manah Shodhanam

Manah Shodhanam written by Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda helps us understand the working of our mind and gives practical solutions of how to tackle it. With […]
26th November 2022

Bhagavad Geeta: Chapters 1-4

An overview of chapters 1 to 4 of the Bhagavad Geeta, using the Chinmaya International Foundation’s E-Geeta course as the source material. E-Workbooks are shared with […]
15th November 2022

Drg Drishya Viveka

This book establishes the identity of the individual jiva and the Infinite Reality. Through the path of discrimination between the Seer and the seen the student […]