30th December 2013

When the lion roars

Swamiji, we generally find that it is tough getting work done from our co-workers. But Gurudev never seemed to have such a problem. Why is that […]
29th December 2013

How is our destiny created?

After years of intensive monastic training, the man who had walked into the centre with gelled hair came out with a shaven head — as Swami […]
29th December 2013

Mind over chocolate mousse

Q. Hinduism believes in one God, one consciousness that pervades everyone and everything. What is the relationship between this one God which Hinduism believes in and […]
29th December 2013

Study groups

Q. Swamiji, why is it that Study Groups face the problems of lack of Sevaks and dwindling attendance? A. Low numbers in the study groups need […]
29th December 2013

Spiritual growth

Question: “Swamiji, how can we analyse our spiritual growth?” Answer: “Suppose I am unwell. How do I know that I am getting well? When the symptoms […]
29th December 2013

Chinmaya answers…

Question: Swamiji, is it necessary to believe in reincarnation? Swamiji: First, reincarnation is not a belief, it is an assumption of Hinduism. Religion must be supported […]
29th December 2013

You, me and God

It was a young man, modern, tight pants, tobacco pipe stuck at waist, trim thin moustache. He spoke English with an Americanised drawl, and was evidently […]