Swami Chinmayananda

11th January 2014

Presentation on Swami Chinmayananda

Hari Om! There are many saints and sages in the history of India. There are also many gurus. But visionaries are only a few. Sri Swami […]
30th December 2013

His vision and mission

There are four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. They are bosom friends. An important project came up and Swamiji asked Everybody to do it […]
30th December 2013

Reminiscing about Swami Chinmayananda

When we were in the CHYK in Hong Kong, we used to chase Gurudev in every Bhiksha and bask in his love. During one of the […]
30th December 2013

Thoughts of Reverence

He kept dodging. Looking at Sakshi, a two year old baby, he said, “She is distracting me. She is looking at me and that is distracting […]
30th December 2013

The Embodiment of Love, Chinmaya

Those were my poorva centrea days. I was then doing M.Sc. in Physics and my only motive was to join an centre. The then Manager of […]
30th December 2013

Lord's Chosen Flute – Swami Chinmayananda

The greatest glory of the Master is that not only he becomes great by virtue of His Self Realisation but He makes His disciples also discover […]
30th December 2013

A preacher who took the Gita to the masses

A self-confessed agnostic and aimless drifter turning into a missionary and going about converting people – converting Hindus to Hinduism – that is the story of […]
30th December 2013

On the Eve of His First Global Tour

“Now that I am going abroad people there will ask me why are you trying to improve others when you yourselves are so bad at home? […]
30th December 2013

Excerpts from Gurudev’s first global tour

On 20th May 1965, Swamiji was invited at the Bartholomew Hospital for tea and later to address the students, most of whom were in their final […]