5th October 2017

What is the Vedantic message of the Ramayana?

In Ayodhya, (yudhdha means conflict, Ayodhya means where there is no conflict) to King Dasharatha was born the Supreme Lord, Shri Rama as a baby. Shri […]
27th December 2013

Witness the ego

You and I maintaining contact with the prapancha refer to ourselves as aham. This I is the limited jeeva who is confined by the limitations and […]
27th December 2013

Shrutam me Gopaaya

These are the words of the Rishis. This is how the Rishis of the Upanishads prayed to the Lord – “O Lord, bless us so that […]
27th December 2013

A Dot of Thought

I felt and thought a lot and knowing mattered a lot. So I continued to feel and think a lot. Subjects varied, what not. Till I […]
27th December 2013


Meditation is prescribed as a balm to remove all the stress and strain of life. It is in fashion these days and every other person claims […]
27th December 2013

My Master, the best diamond cutter

A quiet humble Master lived in a village 8 to 10 miles away from a town. A man from the town visited him regularly. He would […]
27th December 2013

Brahman and Maya

Scene 1 In an extremely wondrous garden roses of different hues are swaying in ecstacy. The light of the early dawn has speckled them with its […]
27th December 2013

Am I a fit seeker of the Truth?

The following acid test would show our fitness: (a) If required to do so, am I willing to do what I do not like and give […]
27th December 2013

Peace of mind

The Nature of Desire Once a desire arises, we cannot forget it. There is complete insistence that things must happen the way we want. As long […]