Chinmaya Mission UK Starts the New Year with a Maha Kirtan January 1st 2022

Chinmaya Mission UK started this New Year not with a kirtan but a Maha Kirtan. A 10-hour devotional satsang that was opened by Pujya Guruji, Swami Tejomayanandaji. The event hosted over 40 highly skilled musicians and seven other acharyas from across the world, who performed blissful bhajans, sang kirtans and offered inspirational words with love, devotion and high energy that uplifted all participants and made a great start to the New Year for everyone.

The Maha Kirtan was held to bring the community of sadhakas, seekers and bhaktas together and to support the fundraising efforts for the renovation of Chinmaya Kirti, Chinmaya Mission UK’s (CMUK) main centre.

The Chinmaya Kirti renovation project was launched in 2020 by the CMUK Trust. It is a vision to update the main London centre, giving future generations a place and space to learn, serve and grow into positive contributors to society. The project aims to be completed by March 2022 and CMUK is currently planning the inauguration of the new Chinmaya Kirti in April 2022. The cost to realise this vision is circa. £1.9m. To date over £1,050,000 has been raised, with the Maha Kirtan raising more than £18,500 towards the project. A huge thank you to everyone who made generous donations towards the project.

There is still some way to go, and you can continue to support this cause, and donate using the button below.

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For further details and a video of the project’s development, please see the following website.

Click here to read more about the Maha Kirtan Fundraiser.