New Chinmaya Mission website launched in India


Chinmaya Mission's headquarters in India (CCMT) is proud to launch the new Chinmaya Mission website, www.chinmayamission.com, a virtual home for the global Chinmaya Mission family, providing 24 x 7 connectivity, dynamic interface and lots of customising options.

We are proud to launch the new Chinmaya Mission website, Chinmayamission.com, a virtual home for the global Chinmaya Mission family.

The internet is no longer a place to access information but has transformed itself into an online life for most. And what is life, if it is not dynamic, full of choices and constantly connected?

The earlier Chinmaya Mission website already had the following features:
Events upload and Registration
Itinerary of Swami Tejomayananda
Acharya and Centre Label Download
Photo Galleries
Basic Shopping Cart & Donation

Though the website is itself was feature rich, the new website brings a whole new experience. The new key features are -

1. Information Integration

a. Global Presence – an integrated global website helps the users to grasp the magnitude of the presence of Chinmaya Mission across the globe. The integration of all Chinmaya Mission websites under one global site will help users to know about all activities from place.

b. One Website – One Look – The website will serve as a platform where all the integrated local sites shall be provided with a seamless access to the contents of global website.

c. Information sharing by Acharyas and centres is made easy with the help of a global site. Now each Acharya (teacher) can individually upload his or her itinerary.

d. Dynamic content – the new website has integrated the Chinmaya Mission YouTube Channel and Chinmaya Internet Channel allowing access to talks, bhajans, satsangs, etc. from the website itself. Additionally, the new site contains many letters, thought provoking articles and messages from Pujya Gurudev, Pujya Guruji and other Acharyas. Almost each page carries a dynamic photo gallery supplemented with videos to share the various activities of Chinmaya Mission.

2. Outreach

a. Chinmaya Mission Publications - The shopping cart in the new website is one of the best available online.

b. Social Media integration – the new website integrates facebook, twitter and other social media from the Chinmaya Mission Centre & Acharya page itself enabling users to share information and inspiration instantaneously.

c. Career Page – to serve the growing need in Chinmaya Mission for dedicated manpower, the new website has a careers page that will display employment and seva opportunities in Chinmaya Mission worldwide, thereby giving our Mission Members as well as service-oriented aspirants an opportunity to combine service and career development.

3. Support for Service & Sadhana

a. Spiritual Miles – the new site provides registered users with an aid to track their spiritual sadhana and earn spiritual miles, by maintaining an online log of their daily sadhana. The more the miles earned, the more will be the enthusiasm to pursue daily sadhana.

b. Donations – the new site presents donors with donation categories instead of projects. This helps donors know about all projects running under one category; in turn the donor may want to donate more amounts or donate to more than one project. Very soon, enthusiastic donors will be able to carry out fundraising by creating their own page, setting targets and raising donation online for various projects.