Outreach in South London 28 – 30 July

A 3-day outreach programme of 2023 in South London by Shripriyaji was held at different venues, at Coulsdon Mandir, Croydon, at Banstead hosted by Sanatan Hindu Cultural Society of Sutton (SHCS) and in Stoneleigh at Sri Raja Rajeswary Amman Temple. The talks covered were Understanding Dharma, Inspired Living and An Ideal Vision. An Ideal Vision was telecast live on YouTube and is available on this link, https://youtube.com/live/FgfQQZxArXM?feature=share. The talks were well attended by children, young adults, and adults.

Bhikshas were enjoyed by Shripriyaji at different homes including a game of cricket played with a tennis racket!