Advaita Vedanta Immersive Camp 2023

Camp details are as follows:

Camp Name: Advaita Vedanta Immersive 2023
Start Date: 25 December 2023     End Date: 31 December 2023

The Advaita Vedanta Immersive 2023 is an intensive residential program for advanced students of Advaita Vedanta. The third edition of AVI focuses on the second sutra of the Brahmasutra – ‘janmadyasya yatah’ (Janmadyadhikarana) that reveals the very definition of Brahman. Participants will be guided through the sutra with detailed discourses on the Shankara-bhashya, supplemented with sessions of svadhyaya, group discussions, Q&A sessions, and meditation right in the birth home of Sri Adi Sankaracharya.

Facilitator: Swami Advayananda assisted by Br Ved Chaitanya, Brni Bharati Chaitanya, Brni Devaki Chaitanya, Brni Shubhani Chaitanya and Brni Taarini Chaitanya
Dates: December 25 to 31, 2023
Language: English
Venue: Adi Sankara Nilayam, Ernakulam, Kerala

Eligibility: Interested students have to take a quick online test to find out their eligibility for AVI 2023. Those eligible for the AVI 2023 will be asked to register and prepare by studying the recordings of the first and second set of AVI discourses prior to the camp in December.
For details on the Camp highlights, Eligibility and Preparations, visit the website: https://www.chinfo.org/AVI2023

For further information:
Contact: +91 92077 11136 / 37
Email: welcometocif@chinfo.org