28th July 2017

A special message on Chinmaya Aradhana Day 2017

ॐ Acharyas and Centres, Chinmaya Mission Worldwide   Dear All, Hari Om! Salutations on Chinmaya Aradhana Day, the most sacred day for sadhana! Indeed we are […]
13th July 2017

Sweetie Cutie Krishna painted by Pujya Swami Tejomayananda

ॐ Acharyas and Centres of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide Dear All, Hari Om! Adharam Madhuram Vadanam Madhuram…that is Sweetie Cutie Krishna! Who is Sweetie Cutie Krishna? He […]
13th July 2017

Advaita Vedanta Immersive with Swami Advayananda

Hari Om Blessed Self! The last week of December this year, CIF will reverberate with the knowledge of  Advaita-vedānta on Śrī Ādi Śaṅkarācārya’s Adhyāsa-bhāṣya, which is the […]
5th July 2017

Upcoming e-camps with Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda

Dear Seeker, Hari OM! In one of Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda’s advice notes to a seeker, he says: “Inspired moments of wisdom are possible in rare moments […]
24th June 2017

Chinmaya Dharma Sevak Course 2017 – available as an e-course

Blessed Self! Hari Om! We are excited to announce that the Dharma Sevak 2017 course by Swamini Vimalanandaji at Chinmaya Gardens, Coimbatore will now be available […]
22nd June 2017

Global CHYK Camp (December 2017): Outthink Uncertainty

22nd June 2017

Global Teen Camp (December 2017): 7 Days, 7 Powers

15th June 2017

Register now for the Chinmaya Dharma Sevak Course 2017

This course is a short-term Vedanta course aimed at giving knowledge and training to sincere seekers and devotees and set them firmly on the spiritual path. The […]
11th June 2017

Swami Bodhatmananda’s Visit to London – May 2017

Swami Bodhatmananda was in London for ten days in May conducting a series of truly inspiring events which enriched our lives in every dimension. We started […]