24th December 2018

Life of Vision & Aitareya Upanishad eCamp

Read more about this eCamp with Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda… Aitareya Upanishad is the source of one of the well-known mahavakyas of the Upanishads: Prajnanam Brahman meaning Consciousness I Am. […]
24th December 2018

Sampoorna Tulasi Ramayana eCamp in Hindi

Read more about this eCamp with Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda… A historic tale that mesmerizes, poetry that enthralls the soul, one that guides us on the […]
13th December 2018

Master Gita Master Life

A programme for transformation by Swami Advayanandaji beginning in January 2019… Dear Sadhaka, Hari Om. Salutations. It gives me immense joy to inform you that Chinmaya […]
11th December 2018

What are you reading? Featuring Suresh Wadhwani

28th November 2018

My Birthday Gifts – a Bala Vihar Camp in India!

Read more about this special camp for 9-12 year olds with Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda… A delightful Bala Vihar camp for children of ages 9 to […]
20th November 2018

The Questioning Youth: a unique Q&A camp!

Puyja Guruji Swami Tejomayananda welcomes “THE QUESTIONING YOUTH” to a unique Q&A camp in English at Chinmaya Vibhooti Vision Centre. Dates: Friday 10 May 2019 to […]
4th November 2018

Red ‘Khadi’ Poppy to honour Indian WW1 heroes

The Royal British Legion has created a unique red poppy made with Khadi (handspun Indian cotton) as part of its thank you campaign to commemorate the […]
1st November 2018

Monthly classes on the Bhagavad Geeta in Leicester

4th October 2018

Sign up for e-camps with Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda

  A gift for every seeker, learn and absorb these precious pearls of timeless wisdom at your homes.  Sign up for these e-camps by Pujya Guruji […]