21st July 2014

Central London talks by Global Head Swami Tejomayananda from 5-9 August

Many may believe devotion (Bhakti) to be an absence of logic leading to blind belief that doesn’t sit well in the modern age. But devotion isn’t […]
31st May 2014

New Chinmaya Mission website launched in India

The internet is no longer a place to access information but has transformed itself into an online life for most. And what is life, if it […]
18th May 2014

Hundreds attend evening talks on ‘Success without Stress’

The Gyana Yagna (offering of knowledge) was held at the Sattavis Centre in Wembley, London, to a daily audience of approximately 800 people, who watched enraptured […]
3rd May 2014

Swami Tejomayananda wins prestigious award in India

It produces a number of print and electronic publications such as the Afternoon Voice, Mumbai Manoos, MeeMumbaikar and Beyond the News.  Beyond the News is an […]
7th February 2014

Global Conference in 2015 on “Inspired and Inspiring Leadership”

Central Chinmaya Mission Trust (CCMT) will organise this conference in association with the School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) founded by Mr. Anil Sachdev, a Chinmaya Mission […]
12th January 2014

Chinmaya Udghosh Magazine now online!

You can browse through the Jan 2013 & Dec 2013 issues of CU ONLINE at http://cu.chinmayayuvakendra.org/view-cu and decide for yourself whether you would like to subscribe […]
5th January 2014

Sannyas Deeksha in 2013

On the auspicious occasion of Mahashivaratri in March 2013, 17 more Chinmaya Mission Brahmacharis and Brahmacharinis cast off their yellow robes to enter the Sannyasa ashrama […]
5th January 2014

CIRS ranked number 1 school in Tamil Nadu

Education World, an online platform, conducted a survey among some 4000 parents and students in their September 2013 which featured a national (India) rankings of schools. […]
4th January 2014

Chinmaya Mission TV series ‘Upanishad Ganga’ wins three awards!

Upanishad Ganga, the first-of-its-kind television serial, won three Indian Telly Awards on May 3, 2013 at the 12th Annual Indian Telly Awards in Mumbai, India. It […]