Daily Life

12th January 2014


Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda pointed out a great truth in this connection; He said, “Humility is a strange thing – the moment you think you have it, […]
12th January 2014

Tips for joyful living

Surrender and insistence on one’s will cannot go together. It is we who carry the load of all due to our sense of doership, possessiveness or […]
12th January 2014

Acts that liberate us

1. Duties that come to us unasked according to our status in life are to be understood as God sent. Their performance frees us from personal […]
12th January 2014

Overcoming stress

We generally hear that there is too mush stress, strain and tension in our day to day life. In business we have cut throat competition. There […]
12th January 2014

Divinised emotions are good for you

Emotions exercise great power and influence over our thoughts and actions. Negative emotions cause agitation, unrest, conflict, struggle, and frustration, resulting in unhappiness. Positive emotions, on […]
12th January 2014

Pearls of Wisdom

What is happiness? Happiness is to be fully content, to be totally satisfied with oneself; something that is only possible once we have realised our true […]