Chinmaya Mission

20th August 2020

The Technique Of Living in Tireless Enthusiasm!

To every thinking man, the truth is obvious that in life, he is at best only an instrument in His hands. We are not generally ready […]
8th August 2020

You need never feel lonely again

Today, loneliness is a familiar occurrence. Being alone is not synonymous with being lonely. Loneliness does not arise from being ‘alone’ with ourselves; it emerges when […]
30th June 2020

Religion and Spirituality

Religion and spirituality are the same if we understand them correctly. Generally, we can say that religion is that which involves various rituals, dogmas, worship and […]
29th December 2013

Thoughts from Swami Chidatmananda

The moment he started, I felt he talked sense. It was humorous, simple and scientific. I went the next day too, and then the next, and […]
29th December 2013

Interview with Swami Brahmananda

A. It’s a very good question, really. Let us say, there is a thread with 108 beads holding all the beads together. All beads are supported […]
29th December 2013

Interview with Swami Tejomayananda

Q. Swamiji, your becoming the Mission Head was so sudden. Was it too drastic a move in your eyes? Do you feel as if you are […]
29th December 2013

Swami Tejomayananda describes the greatness of Swamini Saradapriyananda (Amma)

I had come for the first time to Chinmayaranyam in 1995 when Amma was here and now I am here again but without her and I […]
29th December 2013

New years message – 2001

Look at every moment anew and enjoy all the blessings hidden therein. I wish all the members of Chinmaya Mission worldwide a very happy New Year, […]
29th December 2013

Message from Pujya Guruji after the Vishwa Sammelan

In gratitude I am overwhelmed by the amazing manner in which you all responded to the Sammelan. I have no words and no way to thank […]